Discover the era of Blockchain Games.

Wunbit Arcade uses smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain. This opens a new way of playing and entertainment. Creating a new generation of video games where players can truly own in-game items, spend, and earn cryptocurrency by playing.


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What is Wunbit Platform?

Wunbit is a platform for blockchain powered games. The platform consists of a web application called Wunbit Arcade hosting video games in a wide range of genres. This type of games will be different from traditional games since they rely on blockchain technology for a secure, fair, and transparent experience for the player.

The gaming arcade runs smart contracts developed with provably fair algorithms for a fair and transparent gaming experience. Eliminating licenses, intermediaries and unfair practices. This creates a secure, fair and transparent platform where players can audit the cryptographic code.

Imagine a Video Game where you slay the Dragon…

you get the Treasure Chest…

and the coins can be exchanged by real-world money!

Wunbit Arcade Features

The gaming arcade runs smart contracts developed with provably fair algorithms.
Exclusive Blockchain Powered Games

Blockchain enhanced games in multiple genres: Action, Adventure, Board, Card, Casino, Idle, Strategy, Shooting, Tower Defense, Sports, Racing, Simulation, MMO, Puzzle, and more.

Technology Integration

Integrate Unity, Unreal Engine, and other engines with the blockchain so that the games can have blockchain functionality.


Players can get treasure chests that have in-game rewards that they can trade in the Marketplace.

Token Transactions

The platform allows game developers to implement in-game purchases on their games. Smart contracts make secure transactions for both parties.

Saving States

A way for players to save their progress so far. Some games will require a transaction fee to save their progress in the blockchain.


Achievements that players can earn by playing more and achieving certain tasks within the games.


The platform supports leaderboard for games that want to show the highest achieving players.

Unique in-game items

Thanks to non-fungible tokens, game developers can create unique game items for each player. Players can buy, sell, and trade these in-game items in the marketplace. 

Unique Selling Points

Real Rewards

Players can buy, sell, and trade WUN tokens outside of the platform if they want to.


Users can see the code and algorithms that calculate probabilities and earnings.


The blockchain is an immutable ledger where anyone has access and see it.

Provably fair

Players can analyze and verify the algorithm and smart contracts that each game uses.


Players own the private keys to their WUN tokens.

Be part of the new generation of games as a


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The Market

Global Video Games Market

A constant growing market

The video game industry continues to grow at an accelerated pace in recent years. In the year 2018, the industry reached a total value of USD$137.9 billion. With more than 2.3 billion players, of which the 46% (1.1 billion) spend money on games.

Online Casino Market

A fast pace growing market

According to Coherent Market Insights, the global online gambling market achieved US$46.9 billion in the year 2017. With a projected growth of 11.4% per year, thanks to the global increase of internet devices.

Online casinos, betting, and gambling sites are prominent for rigging their games. In this type of sites, players cannot know if the casino game is programmed to never deliver a prize. However, this has changed thanks to blockchain-based games where players can now have a chance to play with provably fair mechanics and increased security.

In the year 2018, the total amount raised by cryptocurrencies ICOs and Token Sales reached a total of $11.5 billion.

While it is only a 13% growth in comparison of 2017, it is still an impressive amount of funding for new companies.

In addition, cryptocurrencies reach has gotten to more countries. At the end of the year 2018, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Estonia were the top countries by funds raised.

Wunbit is born from the merging of the best gameplay from the video game industry and the rewards from the casino industry.

It is a unique proposition where players can play for entertainment purposes and have the possibility to spend and earn in-game cryptocurrency that has real-world value. These tokens can be exchanged with real money and vice versa.

Business Model

We have many streams of revenue

to make the platform sustainable

along time.

In-game purchases

Players can do in-game purchases as power-ups, weapons, skins, appear on leaderboards, and more. Purchases are made with cryptocurrencies inside the game via smart contracts and verified by the blockchain. Wunbit earns a comission from every transaction.

House Edge and Player Mistakes

The average player does not play the perfect gameplay all the time. They make mistakes and sometimes need extra help to achieve goals in the game. Games with probabilities involved have a house edge built-in in the mechanics and because of the law of large numbers, over a long period, it will represent a profit margin for the Wunbit Arcade.


Players can buy subscriptions. Subscriptions will be available monthly and annually. With each subscription, a certain amount of WUN tokens are distributed to the player. Having a subscription will also deliver treasure chest keys to the player aside from the WUN tokens.


In the marketplace, players can buy, trade, and sell their in-game items and rewards from the Wunbit Arcade. Wunbit charges a fee from every transaction of the marketplace.

Treasure Chests

To reward players there are treasure chests in the arcade. Every player can get keys to open the chest by buying them, getting them on subscriptions, and be rewarded with keys by playing more on the arcade.

Developer Plan

Developers that have games as Dapps with solidity can publish their games on the Wunbit Arcade. They can implement our API to feature in-game purchases. Wunbit will get a percentage of every in-game purchase from these games.

Wunbit Platform Ecosystem

Play and earn cryptocurrency in the Wunbit Arcade.

The place where users can play their favorites games and choose by genre. Players can spend and earn cryptocurrency by playing games. The Wunbit Arcade features exclusive video games that work with blockchain technology.

From text adventures to platformers that will have exclusive in-game items and rewards powered by the Blockchain. Decisive actions from the players are recorded on the blockchain to save their progress.

WUN Tokens are the fuel of the Wunbit Arcade.

The main currency from the Wunbit Arcade. Games use smart contracts that make transactions using the Wunbit Token.

It is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Players can get WUN tokens delivered to their wallets with monthly subscriptions. This will be a main source of revenue for the Arcade and create frequent players that comeback every month.

Buy, sell, and trade in-game items for tokens.

The marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade in-game items used in the Wunbit Arcade. It is a unique way for players to truly own these items and play more to get rewards.

The marketplace takes a fee from every transaction to make it sustainable through time.

Developers can benefit from the Video Game Publishing Program.

The publishing program helps game developers with funding, advances, analytics, user acquisition, product management, and trust from the Wunbit brand. Every month there is a winner from all the published games that will get a bonus WUN tokens.

Initially, the publishing program will be available only to developers that want to publish their game in the Wunbit Arcade.

o expand Wunbit’s publishing program,at later stages we will support other main platforms: PC, mobile and console games.

Video Game Assets & Tools Creation.

A store filled with game assets for different game engines Unity, Unreal, HTML5, and Solidity.

Since we have a developer’s plan to scale Wunbit Arcade, it makes sense to provide them with the right tools and assets to create games faster.

These assets help developers build their games faster.

Wunbit in the Press

Wunbit Web Platform MVP Prototype

Wunbit Arcade Games

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Casino
  • Idle
  • Platformer
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • RPG
  • Sports
  • Shooter
  • Simulation
  • Strategy
  • Tower Defense

Wunbit Documentation

Learn more details of the project that our team is developing.

Read the documentation with all the details regarding the Wunbit platform. (for the Crypto-Savvy)

Download White Paper

Get all the documentation in one convenient one-page document. (for new Crypto Adopters)

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Wunbit Roadmap

September 2018


– Wunbit Platform idea starts

October 2018


– October -> December: Blockchain & Business Model Research

January 2019


– Planning & Initial Development

– Blockchain Technology Research

February 2019


– Launch of Wunbit Website

– Pre-Registration Starts

March 2019


– Web & Blockchain Technology Research

– Ethereum Games Research & Development

April 2019


– Ethereum Games Research & Development
– Legal & Web Development Partnerships

May 2019


– First Game Developed
– Whitepaper Release Version 1.0
– WUN Token Smart Contract Development
– WUN Token Token Sale Smart Contract Development

June 2019


– Wunbit Platform MVP Starts Development
– 4 Games Initial Development

August 2019


– Wunbit Platform Development

– New Games Development

October 2019


– MVP Games Integration

November 2019


– November 1: Private Sale Stage I Starts

December 2019


– December 31: Private Sale Stage I Ends

January 2020


– January 1: Private Sale Stage II Starts

February 2020


– Launch of New Games for Wunbit Platform MVP
– February 29: Private Sale Stage II Ends

March 2020


– March 1: Public Token Stage I Starts

April 2020


– April 30: Public Token Sale Stage I Ends

May 2020


– May 1: Public Token Sale Stage II Starts
– May 31: Public Token Sale Stage II Ends

June 2020


– June 1: Public Token Sale Stage III Starts
– June 30: Public Token Sale Stage III Ends

July 2020


– July 1: Public Token Sale Stage IV Starts
– July 31: Public Token Sale Stage IV Ends

August 2020


– Wunbit Arcade Official Launch
– WUN Token Launch in Exchanges

October 2020


– Official WUN Wallet for Android and iOS
– More Games coming to Wunbit Arcade

January 2021


– API to integrate external developed games
– New categories for the Wunbit Arcade
– Official Wunbit Exchange

April 2021


– Wunbit Marketplace Launch

Wunbit Team

Carlos Oporto

Founder - CEO

Since 2003 working as a project manager and main developer for audiovisual, video games and tech projects for important global brands. In 2014 started working on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, and recently accomplished his Master in Video Game Creation at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

Bernardo Rodriguez

Game Lead Developer

10 years of experience working as a Freelance 3D design and Web applications developer for different multimedia and audiovisual projects for global clients. Working with the latest trends of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and C#.
Now designing and developing a variety of video games for the Wunbit Crypto Arcade.

Ernesto Oporto

Chief Marketing Officer

20 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising as creative director, art director, and consultant for multiple international brands. Worked for brands such as Unilever, Burger King, Johnson & Johnson, and MasterCard.

Dan Gómez

Sales & Operations

Since 2001, working in IT companies such as Sysadmin in United Kingdom and Spain. Started in the Crypto Ecosystem in 2012, discovering, implementing and using in real life the advantages that the Blockchain technology can offer to the world.
Dan have applied the use of tokens with a real utility and testing to bring all these features to the mainstream.

Ayobami Abiola

Content Manager

A prolific Cryptocurrency writer and Enthusiast. Owner of where he reviews innovation behind Cryptocurrency start-ups. Contributor at and Also a Team member at The Currency Analytics (A top Google Approved Cryptocurrency news website that fights against fake news).

Wunbit Partners

Token Crowdsale

Token Distribution

WUN Tokens are the main

utility token in Wunbit

 crypto gaming arcade platform.

It is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Network. Players can use it to play in Wunbit Arcade and buy exclusive in-game items within the platform.

Wunbit tokens are a fundamental piece in the underlying system of the Crypto Gaming Arcade. The platform will encourage all players with WUN tokens to participate in each game.

Token Generation Event

Token Name
Wunbit Token
Token Ticker
Token Protocol
ERC-20 Token issued on the Ethereum public Blockchain.
Token Type
Utility Token
Token Supply
Token Generation Event Start Price
$0.10 USD
Token Generation Event End Price
$0.20 USD
$1,700,000 USD
$17,496,000 USD
Payment Methods

Funds Allocation

  • Wunbit Arcade Development
  • Marketing
  • Administrative & Operation
  • Currency Reserves
  • Legal, Licenses, Compliances
  • Infrastructure, Hosts & App Providers

Wunbit Arcade FAQ

What products does the Wunbit Platform offer?

Wunbit platform is a crypto gaming arcade offering products for the gaming industry. It offers a variety of games that rely on blockchain technology for a secure, fair and transparent experience for the user.

What type of games will be available on Wunbit?

There will be a wide range of games: action, adventure, casino, platformers, strategy, collectibles, puzzle, and more. The games will be powered by smart contracts for a fair gaming experience. These games will run some parts on the blockchain to verify transactions and exclusive in-game items.

Who is your main target?

Or main core audience is already established crypto gaming players that prefer to have a secure, fun, and fair experience. These will be the main evangelists that will reach new players outside the blockchain industry.

Token Crowdsale FAQ

What are Wunbit Tokens (WUN)?

A Wunbit Token (WUN) is a digital utility asset that relies on the Ethereum Blockchain. It can be transferred, stored and exchange between people. You can use Wunbit Tokens to play in the crypto gaming arcade and get exclusive items.

Which wallets can I use to store my WUN Tokens?

You can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet or any other hardware that works with the Ethereum standard. For security reasons, it is important that the wallet you are using let you have the control of your private keys.

Can I mine Wunbit Token?

Wunbit (WUN) is a utility token based on Ethereum Network. It is an ERC-20 Token, therefore, is not minable. That is why it is not possible to mine since the main mining is happening on the Ethereum Network. If you want to acquire WUN tokens please subscribe and we will let you know when the Private Sale starts.

How can I get Wunbit Tokens?

Initially, you can get tokens via the Token Generation Event. You can get tokens using BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, BNB, and fiat currencies via credit card or bank transfer. After the public sale ends and when the Wunbit platform launches you can get tokens by playing in the crypto gaming arcade. After that we expect to have partnerships with major exchanges to feature WUN tokens.

Why I should consider participating in Wunbit Tokens (WUN)?

Wunbit Token (WUN) will be fully integrated into the Wunbit Crypto Gaming Arcade. Participating with tokens will help the development of games and promotion of the platform thus increasing users activity.

What will happen with unsold tokens after the token sale?

From each token phase, all unused tokens will carry to the next phase. After the final phase, all unused tokens will be burn as written in the smart contract. This is to ensure a fair distribution for every party.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, in Private Sale we have a referral program so you can increase your token rewards by sharing with others. The program will run during the pre-sale and all public token sale stages.

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