What is WunBit Crypto Gaming Arcade?

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Have you ever played a video game and wished that the coins you got from the game achievements be withdrawable as fiat money? Gaming is at the heart of human activities. Many people do not know it but everyone plays games, either on their phone, laptop, console, etc. It has been found that the video gaming market has reached 134.9 Billion USD. But the question in the heart of gamers is: who benefits most from this market?

Gaming Profit: Who takes the Lion Share?

The bulk of the gaming market and profit is dominated by game providers and next eSports companies. From eSports, only professional gamers are included in the profit pyramid. There is a very limited place for casual gamers (from mobile and PC) who have a larger population than the professionals. Casual gamers instead of gaining from video games, only pay for in-game purchases mainly to improve their gaming experience.

Provably Fair Online casinos?

In cases where casual gamers earn, especially in online casinos, they live with the opinion that games are cheating on them. Most online casinos are not transparent enough. Players are unable to see the probability that they will win when they play. In reality, some online casinos are rigged, it cannot be said that they are provably fair because they cannot reveal the codes behind their game to the public.

They sure have something to hide.

Storage Challenges

Most of the time, mobile gamers run out of storage when they keep too many games on their phone. This forces them to uninstall some of their favorite games. In cases when their phone crashes, they lose their game progress and achievements. Online games have sure simplified this, as gamers only have to play online without having to store anything in their local storage. But, most online games cannot save game-state and progress of players. This is a really great milestone for competitive games. For game providers which can save states, their storage can easily be hacked and all game progresses saved lost in a matter of seconds.

Game Developers and Visibility

Upcoming developers also have their share of the challenges faced by the video gaming industry. The gaming market today does not favor upcoming developers. The premium market place favors certain developers even if their ideas are outdated and recurring. New developers have new and creative ideas, but there is nowhere they can showcase their work.

Wunbit Crypto Arcade- Home for Blockchain-Powered Games

Wunbit is the answer to the challenges faced by the video gaming industry, leveraging the power and potential of blockchain technology. Wunbit is a platform for blockchain-powered games. The developers of the platform know the basic challenges of every gamer and developer because they are also gamers and developers themselves.

Wunbit Crypto Arcade contains a wide variety of game by their genres: Action, Adventure, Casino, Puzzle, RPG, Shooter, Sports, and Strategy among others.

Earning on Wunbit

Wunbit will decentralize the earning power of video games to profit both the professional and casual gamers without prejudice or segregation. The platform profits all gamers who wish to earn from what they like to do. Essentially, you can earn tokens which can be exchanged for fiat by playing games on Wunbit. In-game assets can be bought and sold on the Wunbit platform. It means that you can buy game assets to improve your gaming experience and you can also sell these assets to other gamers on the platform.

On Wunbit you don’t have to worry about getting paid, the platform does not hold your token or in-game assets. Each gamer can connect their wallet to the platform with browser extensions like Metamask. And with the aid of smart contracts running with each game, you can withdraw all your tokens from the games you play. This way, your tokens stay with you always and gamers are in control of their wallets since their private keys are not in custody of the platform.


At the core of the Wunbit platform is transparency. Gamers can see the codes from the smart contracts that the game they are playing is running with. Thus, they can see the probability that they will win. The platform utilizes a provably fair algorithm to ensure fairness, transparency, and security when gamers play.

Blockchain Storage

Aside from the fact that Wunbit allows gamers to game online, some of the games come with state-saving features. It means that gamers can save-state in some games on the platform to continue from where they stopped. The saved state is stored on the blockchain. The blockchain is immutable (unchangeable) thus anything stored on it is safe from hacks and viruses. Wunbit uses Smart contracts on Ethereum to run its games. Therefore it will take thousands of mining computers all over the world to be corrupted for files stored to be compromised. This is nearly impossible. To scale game progresses so that they will not be slowed down by the confirmation times, Wunbit uses secure API to connect and interact the game codes with the blockchain.

Wunbit and Game Developers

Wunbit is giving all developers an opportunity to be part of a great revolution in the gaming industry- Blockchain-Powered Games. Developers can use tools available on the Wunbit platform to build games which can interact with the blockchain. The platform rewards top developers at the end of each month thus challenging them to be a better version of themselves as professionals. The platform will be useful to give developers the right visibility they deserve. Developers can get gains through the in-game purchases done by gamers.

WUN Tokens- Gaming Fuel

The WUN token is the main fuel on the Wunbit platform. WUN is an ERC-20 token used for buying and selling on the platform. Gamers are rewarded with tokens. After the platform launch and Token Generation Event, users can sell tokens for fiat on multiple top cryptocurrency exchanges.

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