Huge Profits and Rewards!!!: Wunbit’s Black Weekend and Cyber Days Special Deals

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Wunbit’s private sale has taken a new turn with the Black Friday and Cyber days special deals, with no minimum purchase and huge discounts – things just got better!

November 27 we launched a limited special offer for all our esteemed customers who strongly believe in our vision: Black Weekend and Cyber days special deals. It will run through December 4, 2019 (which is a few days away). With this special opportunity, we aim to bring onboard everyone, no matter their financial status. It means you will be able to get WUN tokens with any amount you have – there is no minimum purchase limit. You can get tokens for the least possible price and receive a huge discount. We are also willing to promote those who buy at least $200 worth of WUN tokens to be eligible to be our official Ambassadors. This window of opportunity will close after the special deal period. 

About the Promotion

You will get 50% OFF WUN Tokens, no minimum purchase required with Up to 8% Bonus.

This is a limited and special offer, beginning on Nov 27 and ending on Dec 4, 2019.

You can also get amazing bonuses for buying $10 or more worth of WUN:

  • Buy $10 – $49.99 worth of WUN – get 6% bonus tokens. It means if you buy $10 worth of WUN tokens, for example, you’ll get 100WUN + 50WUN (private sale discount) + 6WUN which is 156WUN tokens. 156WUN tokens will soon be worth $78 according to Wubit’s price projection at 90Million market capitalization. You have saved and profited more with this time limit deal.
  • Buy $50 – $199.99 worth of WUN – get 7% bonus tokens. If you buy $50 worth of WUN tokens during this limited deal, for example, you’ll get 500WUN + 250WUN + 35WUN tokens which total 785WUN tokens. At $0.50 (Wunbit’s price projection at 90Million market capitalization) 785 tokens are worth $392.50. Do the math!
  • Buy $200 or more worth of WUN – get 8% bonus tokens + FREE Wunbit´s Ambassador Plan. If you buy $200 worth of WUN tokens now, you’ll get 2000WUN + 1000WUN + 80WUN tokens which is equal to 3080WUN tokens worth $1540 (Wunbit’s price projection at 90Million market capitalization). You’ll also be given the chance to be an official ambassador for Wunbit. 

Why wait till the end of the crowdsale when WUN tokens will be sold for $0.20? Buy your WUN tokens now with this great discounts! Remember, the offer lasts till December 4, 2019.

Buy your WUN tokens here 

Read this article for step by step on how to buy WUN tokens

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