How Wunbit Could Help you Pay your Internet Bills

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Internet, as we know it today, has become an integral part of our lives. All sectors of global economy are attached to the Internet. Directly or indirectly we all pay internet bills. Even when you are offline, part of you is still living online through the data you have created in the past or that which was created on your behalf, known as a digital footprint (by governments or corporate bodies). There are many things we use the web for, but for the most part those are entertainment purposes. Social media and online games remain two of the biggest entertainment industries on the Internet today. 

Almost all the games we play today both on mobile and desktop connect to the Internet even if they are so-called ‘offline games’.

It will only be a denial of facts if one would rule out the importance of the Net in the current life of an average person. We have established the fact that minigames (which come from the internet) are a great stress and anxiety reliever, and thus a great time safe haven. But the question remains: “are you maximizing your Internet time usage?”

At Wunbit, we believe it is necessary for your Internet service to at least pay its bills if you want to effectively maximize your time on the Internet. This should be the goal of every user of the Net. Only a small fraction of internet users actually earn from the Internet. Learn English revealed that as of 2016, only 25% of Americans make money online. From this statistic, we can begin to generally approximate the numbers to say that only one in every four humans actually make money online. We are sure that the numbers can be as low as one in ten for many countries. Yet, almost everyone, as ascertained earlier, pays Internet bills. 

The questions that keep bothering our minds are: “where do these bills come from? Where do they go to?…” The simplest answer we can give to the first question is that these bills are paid with the earned incomes of Internet users. Incomes, which may not be enough for some people, that are taken out of the sacrifice of other important things.

Cryptocurrency and Internet Usage Time Maximization 

The Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, through Bitcoin, was first designed to be a savior in the financial technology industry. Its security, transparency, and privacy protection are unmatched. But over the years through the implementation of other blockchains and cryptos like Ethereum, STEEM, EOS, BAT etc. these technologies have come to “save the day” for different industries. For example, today we have seen various solutions that have been implemented on blockchains to help Internet users earn from what they love to do on the web.

Solutions like STEEMIT, Trybe, Golos, etc. have revolutionized how people look at blogging and social media as it pays them to blog and share matters about themselves.

You must have heard about Brave browser too. A web browser that blocks all Ads. Brave browser also rewards bloggers with Basic Attention Tokens, BAT, when other people who uses the browser tip them. Brave browser also rewards users for using the application.

We, at Wunbit, have also designed the Wunbit Arcade platform, a home for blockchain-based games and iGaming, to help users earn WUN tokens (which are tradeable for fiat and other cryptocurrencies) from playing games on our platform. You can simply play games, loot boxes, and open special chests to get gifts. These items are tradeable on the market as assets and for WUN tokens. After the platform launches, WUN tokens will be tradeable on different cryptocurrency exchanges for other cryptos and fiat money. 

There are other solutions that are built on blockchain technology that reward people with cryptos which are exchangeable to fiat. These solutions are designed by developers (such as Carlos Oporto, Wunbit’s CEO) who believe the internet’s utility should be maximized- at least by paying its own bills, and are aimed to replace the current business model of video games to a profitable one for gamers.

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