Minigames: Your Time Safe Haven and Stress Reliever

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The thought of going home at the closing hour may be one major stress reliever a worker might have at the height of a stressful day at work. Workload, deadlines and pressure from bosses may drain a person faster than lifting heavy weights, especially if they are chores or assignments which are too complex to tackle. All these, combined with the lack of job security or inability to make ends meet, financially, greatly reduces the efficiency of a worker. Statisticians have revealed that 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress. 

Sometimes, looking for solutions to a particular challenge for too long builds up stress, which makes it even longer and harder to get one. The thought of being stressed leads to more stress. A mind clouded by problems is less efficient, sluggish, and slow-paced. 

It has been found that the better solution to being stressed is to rest. Taking a short nap to recuperate or finding an activity to divert one’s attention. Taking your mind off the tough pile of work just for five to ten minutes may increase your speed and activeness at work. Getting the inspiration for solving an assignment or problems may not necessarily come by thinking about them. Taking your mind off a problem at times may be a faster way of solving the problem. 

Our Solution to Stress

At Wunbit,  we studied and found a better solution to a stressed mind- minigames. Playing minigames for a few minutes intermittently during a stressed day can help the mind to achieve its peak potential. Minigames help to divert your focus thus relieving stress and anxiety. When you play games, your mind relaxes as you enjoy the thrill. This invariably can help inspire you with solutions to complex problems. 

Wunbit added another peck to the minigames on its platform- earning power. When you play games on our platform, you earn WUN tokens which are tradeable for fiat and other cryptocurrencies. It is safe to say that Wunbit games help to relieve stress and anxiety, and financially empower its players. 

When you are stressed you could Fly2Win for a few minutes, or you could spin the wheel of luck in Turbo Roulette, to relieve pressure on your mind. 

Time Safe Haven and Stress Reliever 

From the standpoint of the explanation, minigames can be the best time-saver. It has been found that the mind can be stressed even during leisure times. There are very few other ways to maximize your leisure engaging with minigames that give real rewards to the player such as Wunbit games do. Some minigames have also shown that there is a relationship between playing them and mind relaxation or quietness mental relaxation. Because of the fact that you do not need any complex calculation, rigorous thinking or learning before you play minigames effectively, they allow you to process thoughts in a refined way when you play them. So, it is possible to take a deep breath from your work and have a relaxing time when you play this kind of minigames.

Conclusively, minigames have been revealed to be a time safe haven and even better, as Wunbit games incentivize players for what they love to do.

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