Reasons to buy Wunbit’s WUN tokens – and how to do it

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Wunbit presents a unique solution in a relatively new industry with minimal competition. There are a few existing solutions on the blockchain which are focused on online video games and iGaming. According to Carlos Oporto, Wunbit’s CEO in a press release:

The video gaming market hit $134 billion in 2018 and projections indicate that the iGaming industry will generate more than $74 billion in 2023. However, these two industries have inherent shortcomings that make the market favor only a small group of people and making it unfair to others

Carlos Oporto at

He also stated that he found opportunities in three big markets; Cryptocurrency, Video Games, and iGaming, which when combined together make an innovative viable solution – Wunbit. 

WUN tokens represent Wunbit’s proof of concept and fuel to its vision of rewarding gamers for what they love to do best. These tokens are set to usher in the hands of new adopters of cryptocurrency, namely: crypto enthusiasts, gamers, game developers, and people related to the iGaming industry. Unlike many cryptos out there, WUN tokens have real-world value, inside and outside of Wunbit’s platform. We have pointed out WUN tokens’ use cases in our white paper and previous blog posts

We have opened the door for early adopters to get WUN tokens on our crowdsale platform with a huge discount. This discount is a limited time offer. 

How to buy WUN Tokens? 

Follow the walk-through below to get your WUN tokens:

  • Register an account by clicking the Crowdsale registration link
  • Fill in the fields
  • Verify your e-mail address by clicking the link sent to your mail
  • Log in to the User Dashboard 

You can now buy your Wun tokens

Wunbit Crowdsale Dashboard
  • We presently accept cryptocurrency payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, and BNB. 
  • Enter the amounts of WUN you wish to purchase. The corresponding amount in the payment method you have chosen will be shown. The slider below shows how many % discounts will be given to you based on the number of tokens you wish to buy. Please note that the discount values are not constant, they will reduce with time as the Private Sale passes, rest assured, you can get the best discount as of now.
  • Confirm that you are willing to pay via cryptocurrency by selecting ‘pay with cryptocurrency’ on the confirmation screen and agree to the terms and conditions. Proceed to the next page where you’ll be given the payment details. Make sure you pay exactly the amount specified to the wallet address shown. Confirm details again and make your payment.
  • After your payment is made, wait for our system to send a confirmation (usually, we wait for a specific number of network confirmations) and your WUN tokens will be credited to your crowdsale account. 
  • Add the ETH wallet address you wish to receive your WUN token
  • Complete the KYC process: If you are using a computer, click the ‘KYC Application’ link (Image 1 below). But is you are using a mobile phone, click on the menu (horizontal bars on the top left of the user page if using mobile devices) and select the KYC application link (image 2 and 3 below). Follow the on-screen guide, fill in the appropriate fields with the correct information and upload your verification documents (passport, national ID or Driver’s license). Make sure the documents to be uploaded adhere to the guides listed on the page. Confirm that the information you entered is correct and agree to the terms and conditions. Submit your KYC application and wait for confirmation. 
Image 1: Visiting from a desktop
Image 2: If you are visiting the website on mobile
Image 3: If you are visiting the website on mobile

Your WUN tokens will be withdrawable to your external ETH wallet address after the Token Generations Event (TGE). 

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