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CEO wunbit- carlos Oporto

At Wunbit, we are leading the world of video games into the next generation. Third generation games will consist of blockchain-powered innovative games that are able to thrill players while rewarding them in a transparent manner. This will not be achievable if the men behind the codes are not transparent, innovative, and skilled themselves. Consequently, we are proud to present Wunbit’s founder, CEO, and lead developer- Carlos Oporto.

Carlos is a skilled game developer with an entrepreneur spirit. He focuses on gathering details and managing work teams. He is also transparent, a look at his LinkedIn profile proves this- he has nothing to hide. Since 2003 he’s worked as a project manager and main tech developer for many important global brands, for tech and advertising industry. ‘Unaligned’ is one of the games he has worked on. He recently badged a Master in Video Game Development at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

He has experience in the blockchain industry as he started working on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in 2014. 

When asked what spurred Him to start Wunbit, he said:

“I wanted to create an innovative videogame platform, and blockchain technology was the perfect fit. I saw opportunities in 3 different markets:

1. Cryptocurrency: Many currencies do not have a real utility or a platform to spend them in.

2. Video Games: Every earnings and in-game currency stays in the game and cannot be exchanged for real money.

3. iGaming: Players cannot know if the games they are playing are rigged”.

Of course, Carlos has seen a great opportunity hidden in a very large industry. There is no doubt that only very few developers have seen this. Many who attempted this in the past failed because they were only ‘game developers’ and had little or no experience relating to blockchain technology. Carlos is both a game developer and possesses notable experience working with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He is currently working with Wunbit’s team on games that are part of our Minimum Viable Product, which will be available once our platform officially launches after the Token Generation Event.

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