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Research through surveys from different parts of the world has given a deep understanding of what is going on with games in 2019. It has been affirmed that games are played mostly on mobile phones. 

Limelight Networks revealed that more than half of gamers play casual games. The reason is clear- they are easy to play. The survey conducted by Limelight also showed that more than 57% of male gamers will quit their jobs if gaming could support them. 

Gaming networks today should be able to service gamers’ wants. The days are gone when you have to read many pages of manuals before you can effectively play games. Most times, what puts casual gamers off is the complexity of the games to be played. They want games one can easily understand without reading much and with very simple controls. These are the vantage points of simple, casual games like Candy Crush. 

Candy Crush is known worldwide today as one of the simplest, most interesting games. A deeper look at it gives us an understanding of what separates it from other games. Aside from the fact that it’s a single hand control game which is simple enough,  it has a seemingly unending number of levels with challenges that glue players to their mobile phone for hours. Anyone stressed by work can seemingly open the app and within seconds, relieve themselves through immersive gaming. You can play it anywhere with your smartphone – no laptops needed.  Turn on your data and you can see your friends’ progress as you compete for high scores on each level. The game rewards gamers with the highest score with in-game units and boosts. These present the major areas where Candy Crush stood tall. Also, it is evergreen. 

New games struggle to thrive for it is almost impossible to take people’s eyes away from these huge casual games that have kidnapped their attention. Developers are failing to build on and correct the weaknesses of present casual games. Unless you look deep enough,  you may not find those weak points. At Wunbit we have critically examined these casual arcade games and we are building a platform to right the wrongs. Some of those weaknesses are:

  • Most games do not return adequate value in return for the time and resources spent by players. Players spend money to download these games on their mobile phones. Some even go to the extent of making in-app purchases. The least developers could do is organize tournaments to reward their loyal gamers with actual money. It is sad that most game developers only aim for players’ money. 
  • Only very few games actually value the privacy of their players. These mobile games use gamers’ private data like browsing history to show them ads and even sell these data to third parties. 
  • Many casual games don’t have tradeable rewards, either to fiat or transferable between players. 
  • Transparency and fairness remain as gray areas that game developers don’t like to talk about today. 

Changes in the world begin with people finding a problem and coming up with a solution. ‘Be the change you wish to see in others’.

At Wunbit, we are prepared, equipped and ready to be the change we wish to see in online gaming. We have created a new platform built on blockchain technology to fix the inherent weaknesses of present online casual games. 

  • Games on our platform are designed to return adequate value to gamers. Players can earn WUN tokens which are tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges. Our games reward the top three players on the leaderboards, daily. 
  • Our platform is designed to allow players’ private data (e.g. private keys, game states, etc.) to be either in their custody (private keys) or on the blockchain (game states, high scores, etc.) where it cannot be tampered with by anyone. 
  • In-game rewards,  loot boxes, etc. are tradeable to fiat and transferable to other players on Wunbit. This is a revolutionary feature in casual online gaming. 
  • Our games are built on provably fair algorithms. Games’ details and probabilities can be seen transparently on the blockchain. 

We haven’t forgotten to make our games as interesting and easy to play as possible. We believe the current state of online gaming isn’t the best it could be. Blockchain technology has huge untapped advantages for online games. Wunbit is here to stay. 

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