Turbo Roulette Game Announcement

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Wunbit does it again! According to its vision of bringing the thrilling gaming experience to players via the blockchain and provably fair algorithms, we are excited to announce another upcoming game: Turbo Roulette! The game will be available for players to enjoy after the full platform launch. Players can earn tokens by betting if the roulette (wheel) will stop on a number (1-20), black or red spot. The game will be transparent as players will be able to know their win probability.


The wheel of luck is spinning on turbo mode! Test your luck by specifying where the pointer will mark at the end of a spin-off, whether it is a number between 1 and 20, red or black spot.


Players can bet WUN tokens to predict the outcome of a roulette spin. There are options to select from Numbers 1-20, Red or Black. For selecting a number, a player stands the chance of getting twenty times the returns on any WUN tokens bet. Selecting Red or Black gives a chance of gaining double the tokens bet. There is a green spot for the house. If the wheel spin stops at the green spot, the player’s tokens are lost and returned to the house. There is special spot which gives bonuses.


Wunbit will make the details of the Turbo Roulette visible for players to view. This way, they can determine their win probability for a number of spins. This is all thanks to the provably fair algorithm employed by the developers.

Token Deposits and Withdrawals

Wunbit does not hold player tokens. Players are to connect their wallets holding WUN tokens to the game smart contract via secure browser plugins like MetaMask. After each spin, player’s winnings or losses are added or subtracted from their wallet. All of these processes are done automatically.

This is just the starting point

The developers at Wunbit are keen on giving players a thrilling, fun and smooth gameplay experience. More features will be added for the roulette game in time.

At Wunbit we know that blockchain is the future for online casino games. We are here to make great things happen, both for players and stakeholders alike.

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