The Benefits of Blockchain Technology in Online Gaming

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Online gaming is dated back to the 1970s with pocket based computer networking and the likes of MUDs as one of the earliest games. This has greatly improved over time as today, gamers spend a chunk of their time playing online. Statista reported that in 2016, an average of 22% of US gamers across different gaming devices spends 41- 80% of their time playing online multi-player games. One can effectively assume that with recent developments in the industry, there must have been an increase in these statistics. 

We can easily see PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Grounds) coming to the top spot in battle royale games genre for “Best PC Game”, “Best Multiplayer”, and “Best Spectator Game” at IGN 2017. PUBG still remains the most searched online game in 2019 as recorded by after which come Fortnite,  Apex Legends, League of Legends (LOL), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others. 

The popularity of online casinos has also increased over the past years with more players willing to use online platforms rather than visiting land-based casinos.

What do games like these games have in common?

  • They connect players from all over the world. Users can easily find opponents from anywhere all over the world according to the game matching engine. 
  • They easily keep players engaged with rapid action and showcasing leader boards. 

But these games have almost the same challenges 

  • Server outages: Games with more players will experience server outages due to overloads or hacks. This happens because many run centralized servers. Therefore when the server is down, all gamers experience it. 
  • Cheaters and bad players: It is rather easy to cheat on centralized online games. It is stated by a gamer that an average of 17,000 players is banned daily on PUBG for cheating. Most of the time, other players are the “police” who report bad players as there is no algorithm to check for playing anomalies. Even if there were, they are rather inefficient. This is why earnings are not included in these kinds of games. 
  • No earnings – Players only play for fun: This is true for many Battle Royale, MMORPG, and other online games. Gamers only play for a personal and social thrill. Collectibles in these games cannot be transferred to other players or other gaming sessions. There are no game arenas to sell in-game tips. People who teach others ‘how-tos’ of the game are not incentivized for their time and hard work. 

For online casinos where players earn, transparency cannot be ascertained. This is why most players think online casinos are not provably fair as they proclaim to be. 

  • Storage: It is easy for online players to lose their gaming progress because most online games store the game progress and experience data of players as temporary files which are deleted as soon as players end their gaming session. Other games do store these data to acentralized storage which is susceptible to hacks and viruses. 

The Blockchain is a viable Solution to these challenges 

Blockchain technology has made things easier for applications that require maximum security for their systems. It utilizes decentralization of data storage to effectively safeguard files and increase data sharing speed (IPFS- InterPlanetary File System).  Blockchain also uses pseudo-anonymity to protect the identity of its users while making all transactions (file storage process) absolutely transparent. Thus if blockchain technology is used, it will be very easy to identify and fish out a bad actor (if there is) quickly and in real-time.

But, for non-blockchain developers and most game developers, building games on the blockchain is alien. Therefore, most game developers don’t use it as a measure of security even though they know it is the best option. The question remains how to integrate a full game on the blockchain without affecting its speed as every transaction (file storage process) has to be approved by multiple validators all over the world. This can really take a lot of time. 

The developers at Wunbit have cracked the blockchain development enigma code thus making it super easy to integrate games on blockchains like Ethereum. With a secure API, Wunbit connects games to the blockchain via smart contracts. This can help save important game data on the blockchain rather than the whole game which is super-efficient and effective. Also, the Wunbit gaming platform is making its tools available for developers to create blockchain-based games with a lot of attributes. This is opening up a new wave of secure, transparent games with earning opportunities for all players and developers. 

Decentralization – No server Outage

IPFS has made it very easy to share data at very high speed without the need for a central originating server. Each server that connects to the stream becomes a source for newer servers to get data. This is possible with validating nodes which check for authenticity of files shared across the network. This way, even if a server experiences an outage, the whole network is not affected. 


As explained above, with transparency it will be very hard- if not impossible for any bad actor to hack the game system. Wunbit has gone a step further. It is making its game codes and provably fair engine open for players to view publicly and see that they are not being cheated. This type of data can be monitored via the smart contracts that each game runs with.


Players on the Wunbit platform can earn WUN tokens for their activities on the platform. For example, Fly2Win will reward the top three players with WUN tokens, which will tradeable for fiat currencies after the full platform launch. As said earlier, the platform is open for developers to make games and earn, too.


Players can now store their game-states and high scores permanently on the blockchain with Wunbit. The blockchain is immutable, thus data stored on it cannot be changed, edited, or deleted.

What is Wunbit?

Wunbit is a gaming platform for blockchain-powered games that give players rewards for playing. The platform contains games of different genres like action, adventure, casino, platformers, strategy, collectibles, puzzle, and more. 

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