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We at Wunbit Crypto Gaming Arcade are proud to announce Fly2Win, part of our roster of games from our Minimum Viable Product. The game will soon be available on the platform for gamers to play. They can earn WUN tokens when making it to the top three on the leaderboard every day. Fly2Win will open multiple earning opportunities for gamers as time goes on. Let’s dive right in!


An ace pilot with a mission, you have to fly to an enemy base to destroy it. But, there is a catch: destroying this base isn’t the challenge for we are confident of our weapons… getting to the enemy compound is! There are lots and lots of obstacle courses on the way, filled with perilous and crazy hazards such as lightning, tornadoes, flying boulders, and more. Our experienced pilots must maneuver their way to their destination while keeping their powerful fighter jets in good shape. Many have tried but failed. Come help us! We have heard of your heroic acts as a veteran pilot, put guts and wits to the test for a chance to glory, fame and WUN tokens!


Fly2Win is an arcade genre game. The premise: don’t crash! Players have to keep the jet in the air and prevent it from colliding with many different obstacles. Fly as long as you can to make it to the top three in the daily leaderboard to earn WUN tokens.


Players will earn WUN tokens daily when they get to the Top Three Leaderboard.

Later in the game’s development , players will be able to earn more WUN tokens by:

  • Staking on their experience: Players will be able to stake tokens by reaching a specified high score. Depending on the high score set, players will be able to get extra WUN tokens.
  • Staking on other people’s experience: Players will be able to stake tokens on the confidence that another player will reach a high score. Depending on the high score set, players will be able to get extra WUN tokens when the player they staked on achieves a high score.
  • Playing against others in versus mode: Players will be able to play against their friends or other players by staking WUN tokens. The player with the highest score will win the staked tokens.

Players are to watch out for secret gift packs when playing the game.

On the Blockchain

Fly2Win players can save their scores on the blockchain, where they will remain permanent and immutable. Token staking will be processed through smart contracts running on the Ethereum network, that way players can be assured that their tokens are safe and will be delivered to them if they win. Players’ tokens are always in their control as the platform uses browser extensions like MetaMask to connect the player’s wallets to their accounts.


Fly2Win will be an exciting addition to Wunbit’s collection of revolutionary blockchain powered games. Get ready to conquer the skies!

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