Wunbit Games – Weekend Update Report #1

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It’s time for a weekend update in the activity of Wunbit Games. This week has been a slow one but working on the next one so it has a good start in some game development tutorials and classes I am taking.

I will do this Weekly Reports for some reasons. One is so other aspiring indie developers can follow my progress and the other reason is to keep track of my own progress, so I can stay motivated and know what I am doing in terms of development, learning and promotion.

In the reading Project Management for Solo Development I got some good tips from Chris DeLeon. “Lead yourself like you were leading somebody else”. Take a moment in the week or on a day and put the producer hat, think about what’s the schedule, what’s left to be done, is there some delays, milestones and deadlines and all that producer stuff. So if you are a solo developer try to be a good leader to yourself and also a good employer. See below the links to two great articles from HobbyDev site.

In other news I saw a PS3 development kit this week, pretty cool to finally see one.

Learning Done

Videogames And Learning – Week 2 – Coursera


General Advice to a New Student in Videogame Design

Project Management for Solo Development

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