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In this object I am going to show some progress for the small game I am making. During this process I am also doing some good tutorials from Digital Tutors and other sites to learn more about game development and programming. You can see some good links and the learning done below in this post.

For the game I rebid some of the Game Design Document to match my current prototype. While I was seeing another tutorial and playing with my prototype I had an idea of combining the Whack A Mole system with an infinite runner. I did spawn objects for the enemies parented to a camera scrolling forward. You can see it on the screenshot below. I am still working making that the game is fun and thinking of ways that it can have great replay value.


I leave you with some vines of the prototype, check out the fun thing that happened while testing.

See you next week!

Learning Done

Infinite Runner in Unity – Mike Geig

Exploring the 2D Features in Unity – Digital Tutors

Creating Collectible Items for 2D Games in Unity – Digital Tutors


Good Links

Parallax 2D Background Tutorial – Mike Geig

Light Lamp: Illumination tool for sprites – SnakeHill Games



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