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It’s been a long way since the last update. I decided to rename this type of update posts from Weekend Update Report to MegaBit Update. Since I am not always going to do reports on weekends I drop the weekend part, I will try to make updates at least once a week to keep track of what I am working on.

Also in the Good Links section, below in this post, I put a talk from the creator of Crayon Physics Deluxe about how being poor and having no budget could help you develop your game.

I really like the article in HobbyGameDev about Start Before You Have An Idea and the importance of starting an actual prototype of a game doesn’t matter how it turns, you are practicing, learning and actually making a game in the process. So it inspired me to finish the Whack-A-Mole prototype that I had done in Unity with 2D Toolkit and turn it into a small game that I can put on the App Store and other gaming websites. So far my first step is making a prototype demo with 1 level to play and a title screen, I still need to finish some core gameplay things but probably be done in a week with it.


Whack-A-Bit Beginning of Prototype


Since working keeps meddling with my time I am looking for a productive way to finish stuff and don’t waste time in the process. If the whole process for productivity works for me I will make a post about it too.

Learning Done

Foundations of Programming: Databases – Lynda


Good Links

Why being Poor and Having No Budget is Good for Making Games – Assembly Summer 2011 seminar presentation

Start Before You Have An Idea – HobbyGameDev

The Poor Game Developer Tool Kit – Gamasutra



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