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I’ve created a little game called Mana Sphere for the challenge of One Game a Month from September . It is a competitive platformer for 2 players where each one controls a demon or a gargoyle. The goal is to get the Mana Sphere and return it to your temple to get absolute power.

The goal was to learn enough Unity to make a small 2D game, instead of develop and designing a game from scratch. All this was possible thanks to Rocket5Studios tutorial. Some tools I used were Orthello (free version) to create 2D sprites. In the future I want to use tools like 2D Toolkit and Spriter within Unity for 2D game development.

You can play it on your browser here.



WASD To control the demons.

Keyboard Arrows To control the gargoyles.


Development: Carlos Oporto

SFX: Created with

Music: Eric Skiff

Sprites: Variations from Demon’s Crest @ Capcom

Base Code: Rocket 5 Studio – 2D Tutorial


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