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This week I have been doing some game development classes from and but one thing caught my attention. I saw a tweet about a live speed run of Yoshi’s Island. Immediately I opened the link and was hook by all the amazing tricks, new glitches and the speed that the runner was playing. Since then I have saw a lot of speed runs including Megaman, Mario, Ninja Gaiden, Contra and Zelda games.

The event is called Awesome Games Done Quick and it’s organised by the Speed Demons Archive. It consists of a one week marathon of runners playing good games at full speed trying to get the best time they can. The marathon goes through January 5-11. And all this is for a great cause, all the funds collected through donations goes towards a foundation, this year is Prevent Cancer Foundation. This foundation works doing research, prevention and early detection of cancer.

I had so much fun seeing Megaman X3 and X4 speed runs, good memories to relive, and an awesome competition of Zelda: A Link to the Past to see who wins the game first. One of the fastest runs I saw was a player that won Castlevania: Symphony of the Night under 18 minutes including beating Dracula on the inverted castle.

Awesome Games Done Quick Mario Bros 3

If you have fun seeing all the speed runs be sure to donate something for a good cause, also there are lot’s of good collectibles that you can win this way.

There are still some runs left with more Zelda and Metroid games coming up and finishing with an amazing 3 hour Chrono Trigger run, you can check them all out in the schedule.